Rural roads maintenance and reporting programs

In each of the past several years, to catch up from years of neglect, VDOT committed
to a program of intense rehabilitation of a selected group of the most problematic gravel roads in Loudoun County.  They named the specific gravel roads to be rehabilitated, and each road got an intense makeover in a short period of time–including brush and tree
trimming, ditch and culvert cleaning and rehabilitation, grading, graveling, rolling, and application of dust suppression materials.

This has allowed the most difficult of Loudoun’s rural gravel roads to be returned to a state of higher quality so that routine care would be sufficient to maintain the road. This has been a highly visible and successful program.

But this intense, all-at-once treatment tied up a lot of resources during a relatively brief amount of available maintenance time in the summer.

Now that most of the most difficult roads have received this care, starting this year, VDOT intends to continue the good program of care of our gravel roads, but stagger and spread out the care over more of the year to better balance needs with available resources.  Problems and deficiencies will be attended to, and areas with special needs will receive more intense care, but it wont be done all at once on each road.  We all hope this will continue to allow our old country roads to serve our needs, maintain their
historic character, and allow VDOT to preserve them better.

To support this effort, we urge you to inform all your members to make full use of the VDOT phone and web based system to report any issues or needs on your roads.  This system allows you to easily enter the exact location and nature of the problem, to get feedback on progress, and to create a record so both problem areas and repair actions can be tracked.  To use the system either call 1-800-FOR-ROAD or go to (  It works!!!

VDOT releases list of rural roads due for ‘enhanced maintenance’

The Coalition’s Rural Roads subcommittee reports that the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has confirmed the 2017 list of unpaved roads set for restoration this spring and summer in this year’s enhanced care program. VDOT will trim brush and intrusive tree branches, clean up banks, restore and clean culverts and ditches, regrade the roads, apply new gravel, roll the gravel, and apply dust suppressant as needed. Routine maintenance will continue to be applied to the balance of the roads. In Read More →

John G. Lewis Memorial Bridge design meeting set for April 19

The next meeting on the rehabilitation of the historic John G. Lewis Memorial Bridge, which spans Catoctin Creek on Featherbed Lane, takes place from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 19, at the Old School Auditorium in Waterford. At this meeting citizens will be able to view design specifics the bride repair, such as a single versus double pier; other design details will be shown and discussed. VDOT start also will discuss the still-underway hydrology study. The funding for the Read More →

2016 Rural roads repair list

As a part of the Coalition-supported Rural Roads program, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has undertaken a multiyear program of focused and extensive repairs to the most problematic sections of Loudoun’s unpaved rural roads.  This effort is designed to reduce the frequency of maintenance required in these areas and, thus, free up more routine maintenance resources for the entire rural road network while preserving its rural character. VDOT has shared the list of roads VDOT plans to work on Read More →

Coalition Seeks Boost In Maintenance Funds for Rural Roads

Among the items the Board of Supervisors will debate later today as it considers its legislative package for General Assembly consideration is a proposal sponsored by Supervisors Janet Clarke (R-Blue Ridge) and Geary Higgins (R-Catoctin) to support additional funds to better maintain and preserve rural roads. Read more: Leesburg Today

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