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Here are links to some Coalition and outside resources.

Summary of Envision Loudoun citizen comments. Members of the Loudoun County Preservation and Conservation Coalition have read and carefully categorized all of the public comments from the first series of Envision Loudoun public input sessions. Please continue to push your supervisors to support the vision that CITIZENS have articulated. County planners (who are writing the plan) continue to state that thousands of new homes are “needed” in the Transition Area; citizens instead support housing growth along the Silver Line metro stations. Please review and continue to email ALL of the supervisors your vision for the next 25 years of Loudoun. Public comment can be submitted online through July 12.

There’s an app for that. Citizens in Loudoun’s Transition Area have created a free app that guides you through the essential details and challenges of Loudoun County’s comprehensive plan update process, Envision Loudoun. Download to your iPhone, iPad, or Android. It is outstanding, and provides citizens with an easy way to understand the challenges and engage on this vital civic exercise. Go to this link: • iPhones, iPads, etc:… • Android:…

Make Your Voice Heard on the Future of Loudoun. Things to keep in mind as the second round of Envision Loudoun public input sessions gets underway June 5.

Citizens make the case for preserving the zoning in the Transition Area, protecting its water resources, increasing its parkland for the recreation of all Loudouners, and preventing more intensive housing development that will add to traffic and school crowding in the county.

Envision Loudoun. This is the public involvement platform set up for the county’s General (or Comprehensive) Plan revision process, now underway. Here you also can register for the second round of public input sessions, June 5 to June 15. (Registration is not required but requested for planning purposes.)

Envision Analysis Toolkit for Public 2017-04-26. Citizens in a Coalition committee have been working to produce a database to ensure that the thousands of citizen comments on the future of Loudoun, voiced in the Envision Loudoun public input sessions, are heard loudly and clearly. It is an Excel file. The first tab gives instructions on how to navigate the document.

Coalition statement on George Mason University Center for Regional Analysis Housing Needs Study. Critical flaws characterize this study.

Loudoun Environmental Preservation Awards. Loudoun County’s Department of Building and Development has an awards program to identify and recognize development projects in Loudoun County each year that have achieved the highest standards of performance for the preservation of the county’s natural resources through erosion and sediment control. Award recipients can be seen here.

Loudoun County General Plan and Revisions. This is the long-term strategic plan for the county. Review and revision of the plan is now underway.

Loudoun County GIS. This mapping tool can be used to locate floodplains, steep slopes, zoning information and many other attributes of areas and individual properties in the county.

Loudoun Online Land Applications Map. This page maps pending land applications, where development is sought or underway.

Virginia Conservation Network. VCN is a coalition of 120 environmental organizations working to create a  diverse and coordinated conservation movement in Virginia.

Virginia League of Conservation Voters. VLC serves as the political voice of the state’s conservation community, working to ensure that Virginia’s elected officials recognize that our natural heritage is an environmental and economic treasure for all.

Virginia Department of Historic Resources. VDHR is the state historic preservation office. Its mission is to foster, encourage, and support the stewardship of Virginia’s significant historic architectural, archaeological, and cultural resources.

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