Coalition Description

The Loudoun County Preservation and Conservation Coalition  (LCPCC), founded in December 2007, is an informal group of 24 non-profit, non-partisan, organizations dedicated to the preservation and protection of the historic and environmental resources of Loudoun County.  Collectively the total membership of these organizations is estimated at 4,000 Loudoun citizens.

The members of the Coalition meet regularly on the last Tuesday of the month. The agenda for the meeting consists of current issues of concern and is sent to members in advance.  All members are invited to bring issues to the Coalition. A summary of each meeting is circulated to all the members present or not.   When a significant number of members are concerned with an issue the Coalition will prepare a written document, letter, or testimony for the Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission, Loudoun State Legislators, or other group depending on the issue.  Only those members which wish to support the issue participate.  Therefore, no member ever has to support an issue for which they have no interest. 

Recently the Coalition has set up Ad Hoc committees of members when an issue is likely to extend over a long period of time and involve significant follow up action.  Presently the Coalition has six major topic categories: Rural Roads, Rural Bridges, Conservation Easements, Watershed Management and Flood Plain Protection, Environmental Issues, Heritage Preservation. Ad Hoc committees formed around current issues work independently of the Coalition but report monthly on their activities.

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